Friday, October 26, 2012

My Letter to The Prospective Younique Presenter...

I am so excited about this opportunity with a new company.  Because it is so new and the products are so fabulous, the earning potential is limitless!

Younique is a brand new company- so new their products are not even available until November 1.  They just started recruiting Presenters on October 1  and I was the 36th person to sign up (October is their recruiting month with a lot of incentives to sign up now). 

  The cost to start up is just 99.00   (which is much below the industry average for direct sales companies) and for that you will receive a Presenter's kit with product cards, business cards, a new Presenters guide and  a classy tote box to carry these things in plus you get your own web page free for a year.  An incentive to sign up early is that the web site is included for one year, rather than 3 months for people who sign up later.  After that it costs only 10.00 a month.  There are also other incentives for those who sign up in October such as up to $500 in free products and drawings for prizes such as a cruise. 

November is when the products will become available and the Presenter's websites become active.  The initial products are Mood Struck mineral eyeshadows, Mood Struck eye makeup brushes,  Moostruck 3D Fibre Lashes, and magnetic nail polish (this stuff is so cool).  They can be purchased individually or there is a collection available with your choice of four colors of eyeshadow, the brushes, and 3D Fiber Lashes  in a case for 99.00.  Other products will be significantly cheaper.

In December the Virtual Party program will be up and running.  Although Presenters can have traditional parties, the focus for Younique sales is social media.  You can have any of your friends host a virtual party. This is a fun new concept and  as someone who hates to sell things and feel as though I am pressuring anyone, I am excited to learn more about it. Also, in December two new product lines will be introduced,  shoe jewelry and Leggies  (the half  socks to wear with boots).

In January they will be in full launch mode and constantly adding new items. 

When you make your first sale, a debit card is activated and your commission goes on to the debit card immediately. From there on out, every time you make a sale, your commission wilt automatically be added to your card.  No waiting 30-90 days like many other companies.

You can also recruit Presenters and earn money from their sales and earn more incentives such as free products.  

One of the really unique things about Younique is their program to encourage Presenters to submit product ideas to be developed.  If your idea is chosen you will receive Royalties on it every time it is sold. I love this idea and think it is great that they allow their Presenters to be involved in the creation and choosing of the products they sale.  Plus it is an extra way to earn even more. 

There is a lot more that I am still learning about.  I am taking a leap here because I know of the talent, integrity and work ethic of the founders.  I will be getting more information and training over the next few weeks.  If you are really interested, let me know and can will get together.  And, of course, if you know of anyone else who is interested, I would be happy to talk to them also.  This is a great opportunity that I think has potential to be a fun and profitable adventure.  I really appreciate that the market is not saturated like it is for Scentsy, Pampered Chef and Mary Kay.  You will truly be selling unique products! 

You may have already checked out their beautiful  website, and Facebook page.  Here it the website if you want to learn more: "
You can also learn more on my Facebook page.

 Parties will be hosted online and you can use outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and your personal blogs to reach even more people.

If you want to sign up just go to the website to learn more and register (and use my name as your sponsor ;) ) And honestly no pressure, I'm just super excited about it and thought you might be too.

Please let me know if I can do anything for you. Email nichole @ Gooddealdivas . com (remove spaces).

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